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    February Socks

    Plain Socks

    This month’s mission has been to figure out how to make the Fish Lips Kiss Heel to fit well… and I’m happy to report: Mission accomplished! After several false starts and a couple ill-fitting pairs of socks, I think I’ve finally tweaked the pattern sufficiently to fit perfectly. I really love the way that short row heels look (particularly when they don’t disrupt the patterning of the yarn) but it’s been tricky getting them to fit properly. My experiments paid off, though, as I eventually determined exactly what I needed to do in order to take the fit from okay to perfect. The pattern instructions suggest adding a few stitches across the heel to allow for some extra room, but that just created a weirdly loose-fitting heel. Instead, four rounds before beginning the heel, I worked the following gusset: Round 1: k1, m1L, knit to 1 stitch before last instep…

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    Adam Day 2021


    Fifteen years ago, Todd and I were living the carefree life of a dual-income, no-kids couple (well, as carefree as two moderately Type A, not-at-all-spontaneous people can manage). Then Adam was placed in our arms and everything changed. A decade-and-a-half later, I still occasionally wake up overwhelmed by the magnitude of what happened that day. Armed with formula, diapers, and a 784-page tome simply entitled The Baby Book, we were horribly unprepared for what lay ahead. Thankfully Adam, in all his six-month-old wisdom, let a lot of things slide. As long as we kept the bottles coming, he was a pretty happy baby. Of course, taking care of a child’s basic needs is hardly sufficient and even an endless supply of formula isn’t going to cut it long-term. As Adam has grown, we’ve had a lot of (very difficult) discussions around adoption and what it means for him and for…