A Cabled Poncho for Leah

I’m not usually a fan of test knits these days — my knitting time is limited and I want to be reasonably sure that whatever pattern I choose is just going to work. However, when Sunni from Sweet Shop Patterns posted a testing call for a super cute poncho last month, I was immediately smitten. So was Leah — apparently her fall wardrobe had a poncho-shaped hole in it that needed to filled.

Armed with three skeins of Victory DK from Knitted Wit (in Mighty Oak), I promptly cast on for the size 8 and began what felt like a never-ending piece of knitting. It didn’t help that I kept pausing to admire the sweet little cables every couple of rounds — but this was one of those projects in which you could swear that an hour’s worth of knitting netted zero measurable progress… and then suddenly it was time to start the decrease rounds.

Even though I got gauge, if I were to knit this again I’d probably add another two inches in length to give Leah a little growing room (I’m positive she had a growth spurt between the time I cast on and bound off). As it is, this will be a cozy piece for the fall and I think Leah will get a lot of use out of it.

For yarn and needle details, please see my Ravelry project page.


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