Star Afghan

A Star Afghan of My Very Own

Last summer I was bemoaning the fact that I really wanted to knit another Star Afghan but that I had no babies to knit for these days. Lorajean quickly pointed out that I could just knit a larger version of the blanket for myself and my jaw dropped as I realised that she was right: I could definitely knit one for me. (I love my friends who are quick to point out the obvious when I’m stuck.)

And so, armed with six skeins of my favourite HerStory colourway of 2020, I cast on last September and got nearly halfway done before the blanket became unwieldy and I got distracted. (Even more so than usual, last year had me beginning all kinds of projects as I looked to alleviate some of the monotony that consumed me.)

Earlier this month, it became apparent that I needed to finish some of my in-progress projects before tackling anything new. I took stock and discovered that I had about a dozen bags filled with projects in various states of completion. I found three blankets, three shawls, two hats, a sweater, a scarf, and a couple pairs of socks. Clearly I needed to put some energy into finishing these.

First up was my Star Afghan! There was a moment of panic when I couldn’t find the remaining skeins of yarn, but eventually I got them all wound and promised myself that I couldn’t begin anything new until the blanket was finished.

After a week of solid knitting, as I was binding off, I discovered a mistake that I couldn’t easily fix (somehow one of the columns of increases was off by a stitch). Todd suggested I leave it, but it was the sort of mistake that would haunt me, so I began the tearful process of ripping back all the progress that I had made. In fact, it turned out the mistake was in the very last round of knitting I had done before I’d cast the blanket aside back in September, so I’m starting to wonder if I’d originally put it down with the intention of fixing the mistake and then forgot all about it. Ugh.

As Lorajean said (in an effort to buoy my spirits), the blanket’s so nice I knit it twice — at least, the second half!

But now it’s done and amazing and I love it — it measures 64″ across and is perfect for snuggling under while I read on the sofa. Or for Leah to snuggle under as she reads on the sofa, as the case may be. Even Adam tried to lay claim to it in the same breath that he maintained that these were not at all his colours — the lure of a hand-knit blanket is strong!

Pattern: Star Afghan by Sandra Daignault
Yarn: Beauty Culture on DK from Knitted Wit
View Project Details on Ravelry

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