Fine-Tuning Homeschool Plans

The best thing about my three-week holiday from homeschooling is that I have had time to plan out the next next several months. It’s been a great opportunity to assess where we are and where we hope to be 21 weeks from now when I close the books on the 2017/18 school year.

For the most part, we’re on track (at least the way I loosely define being “on track” — we’re miles ahead in some subjects and trailing behind in others) but it’s a good exercise for me to take stock of how things are progressing and where we might need to make adjustments.

Since more than half of Adam’s schoolwork is done independently, it’s easy for me to lose sight of exactly where he is — so it was gratifying to see that he’s accomplished almost exactly what I had expected him to at this point in the year. It seems that we need to spend a little more time on science (and possibly a little less time on literature studies) but by my calculations, he’s actually ahead of schedule. Being flexible and following his interests has resulted in focusing a lot on creative writing and math while putting formal science lessons on the back burner, so now we need to switch gears a little to ensure that we check off all the boxes by the time June comes around.

Back in November, Leah and I decided to concentrate on just reading and math for a bit to cement some of the concepts needed to move forwards; now I think she’s ready to add back in most of the other subjects. It was a good plan and I’m glad we had the option to spend lots of time on just a few things; since Leah wasn’t bouncing from subject to subject all day, she was able to slow down, focus her energy, and make significant progress.

And now that I’ve got our plans laid out for the next little while, I can sit back and enjoy these last few days of unscheduled time before we’re back to our regular routine on Monday.

New Year, New Socks

While I’m not a huge fan of new year’s resolutions (too much pressure!), I do love new year’s traditions — and my favourite tradition is the do-it-yourself sock-of-the-month club. In fact, I think this is the fourth year in a row that I’ve put together a basketful of a dozen skeins of yarn to keep me motivated to knit socks all year long (and after several years, I think this has now reached tradition status).

Tucked inside my basket are skeins from Knitted Wit, Canon Hand Dyes, Twisted Owl Fiber Studio, and Mountain Colors: I’ve got lots of great options for socks (some for me but I’ve got a few skeins earmarked for gifts over the year as well).

Some years I’ve managed to match up skeins with patterns ahead of time, but I didn’t bother this year; instead, these are a few of the ones I’m hoping to knit over the next 12 months:

I’ve actually got two other pairs of socks on the needles right now, but I think I’m going to wind that luscious teal yarn at the front of the basket from TOFS (it’s called Pirate Ship!) and knit up a pair of Mingus socks. For me. Really, I figure I’ve got all year to knit for other people but after two straight months of Christmas knitting, it’s time for a little selfish crafting!