Back to (Home) School

It’s official: I’m now the parent of both a fifth and an eighth grader. Wait, scratch that. I’m the homeschooling parent of both a fifth and an eighth grader. Yikes!

After an extended summer vacation of doing an awful lot of nothing (save for a week of camping for each kid), Leah and I have been counting down the days to school beginning with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Adam, on the other hand, tried to cram as much Minecraft as humanly possible into the last days of summer, knowing that school was about to get in the way of his mostly unfettered access to the computer.

Today was understandably rocky. Each year it takes us a couple weeks to figure out a routine that works for all of us, one in which I can give both Adam and Leah the one-on-one time they need without losing my mind. For the moment, we’ve decided that Adam will tackle his independent work in the morning while I work with Leah and then we’ll switch after lunch. In theory, this seems like it should work okay but I’m not holding my breath — it almost seems too easy so I’m withholding judgment until the end of the month.

And now, it’s a little after three o’clock and I am absolutely done. Whose bright idea was homeschooling, anyway? (Don’t answer that.) I need more coffee. Or a nap. Or both. Either way, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow. Just like Adam and Leah.

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