Back to School Socks

A mere three weeks into the new school year, I’m already sick. Sigh. You’d think that since we homeschool, we would cut down on a lot of the circulating germs, but between Cubs and Scouts and church and friends, I still seem to end up getting hit hard every September.

Pretty much the only upside to feeling like I’m going to hack up a lung is that between coughing spasms, I’m relegated to the sofa where I sip tea and knit, resulting in a finished pair of socks!

According to my loosely kept records, this is the sixth pair of Longjohn Socks I’ve knit — it’s one of my favourite patterns for variegated yarn because it seems to break up colour blocks while still being a simple four-round repeat. I cast on for this pair on the third day of school, making them my Back to School project: something simple to work on while I’m listening to the kids reading or keeping them company while they puzzle out word problems. And the colourway couldn’t be more thematically appropriate: No. 2 Pencil from Knitted Wit — it reminds me of meticulously filling in bubbles on Scantron cards in high school.

I feel like these will be just the thing to wear while I grade math tests and writing assignments — or perhaps I need a coordinating pair of socks in a Teacher’s Red Pen colourway.

More details are on my Ravelry project page.

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