Bounce Baby Blanket

Last month, after I finished my log cabin blanket, I swore that I was done with knitting any more blankets for the foreseeable future. It turns out that the foreseeable future lasted about three weeks, at which point I got sucked into the magic of the Bounce Blanket.

Who could resist the fun of 20 mini skeins of yarn (plus two full-sized ones) that would work up to create a rainbow? Not me. Also, since it’s DK weight yarn (Victory DK from Knitted Wit in the Little Black Dress colour palette), I figured the knitting would be pretty quick and I could be back in no-more-blankets mode in record time.

This was such a fun knit, even with all the ends to weave in (most of which I tried to do as I went along). I loved being able to keep track of my progress based on how many tiny balls of yarn I had left to knit — and Adam and Leah, my two enthusiastic cheerleaders, made sure to let me know just how quickly I could finish if I would just knit one more colour section.

Now that it’s blocked, it measures 36 x 42″ — it’s pretty much the perfect baby blanket size. However, I have no babies at the moment for whom to knit, so the kids are trying to outbid each other for this super squishy rainbow. I’ve been offered stuffed animals, cold hard cash, and unlimited hugs. I’m holding out for one of them to offer making coffee for me every morning for a week — otherwise, I think I’m just going to hang on to it.

And as it happens, I no longer feel burnt out on blankets, so I think I may have a few larger-scale projects on the horizon.

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