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    Happy 15th Birthday to Adam!

    Happy 15th Birthday to Adam

    The good thing about the kids’ birthdays being so close together is that I can take a single trip down memory lane and feel old just once each year. It’s hard to believe that I’m the parent of a fifteen-year-old. Really, how did that even happen? I look at him and all the vestiges of childhood are gone, a process slow enough that I didn’t notice it happening until I blinked and discovered the face looking back at me was that of a young man rather than a little boy. But what a young man he is! I’m constantly impressed with his ability to know exactly what people need at a particular time (of course, whether he follows through on that knowledge depends on the day — hello, moody teenager!) and his sharp sense of humour regularly leaves me in stitches. Today his plans involve hanging out with friends (outdoors!)…

  • Birthday

    And Then She Was Twelve

    Lounging at the amphitheatre

    With each year that passes, Leah gets more and more excited in the weeks leading up to her birthday. This year, with little else to occupy her thoughts, Leah has been obsessing about her birthday for months. What will we eat? What kind of cake? What about presents? It’s been the longest period of birthday anticipation ever and I think it’s exhausted everyone. (I know I’m ready for a slice of cake and then a nap at this point.) But it’s finally here and I’m so thrilled with the person Leah is growing into. She continues to exercise perseverance in spades and her sense of compassion for others is second to none. And as Leah keeps reminding me, this is her last year of being a kid… so she plans on packing lots of childlike fun into the next 365 days. Our low-key birthday plans involve sushi for lunch, cake…