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    Making Nine in 2021

    Mug of Coffee, Blanket Squares, Knitting in Progress

    Happy New Year! If this past year has taught me anything it’s that any plans that are made need to be super flexible and that I shouldn’t get too attached to things going a particular way. So my crafting plans for this year are being devised in a similar spirit, as I sit here with a much-loved mug filled with coffee and a pile of blanket squares. I love the annual Make Nine Challenge, even if I never manage to make everything on my list. The inspiration is what matters most. Some years I come closer to completing my challenge than others, but even when I take serious detours, I’m generally able to look back on a year of making with a huge sense of accomplishment. This year’s list feels pretty good (and mostly achievable). So here is my #makenine for 2021 (all knitting and crocheting projects are Ravelry links):…