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    Hanging out at the playground

    It’s been a weird summer, which is quite the understatement. No camps, no vacations, no kids running in and out of the house. Instead, there’s been a quiet monotony to our days that has been, if I’m completely honest, fine. Not great but not horrible, either. What it has meant is that each slight easing of restrictions is met with unmitigated joy, whether that’s getting to ever-so-slightly expand our social circle, or today’s reopening of playgrounds. The thought of getting to slide and swing for the first time this year was so exciting that Leah had trouble falling asleep last night. Truly, I feel like the last few months have encouraged (or more likely, forced) us to find contentment in whatever the circumstances, so even small outings now seem over-the-top amazing. Much to her delight, Leah found the playground completely empty this morning, so she had full run of all…