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    Super Hero Camp, Zoom Style

    Kimberly and Leah

    When some of my fellow Scouters broached the idea of another virtual camp, I was pretty reluctant to spend a weekend attending one Zoom session after another, no matter how invested I might be in Scouting. Despite everyone’s best efforts, there’s no way to truly recreate the camp experience when we’re all logging in from our sofas. And that might actually be the key: virtual camp is an entirely different undertaking that shouldn’t be compared to a weekend of traditional Scout camping. To begin with, rather than finding the perfect site on which to pitch a tent, Leah decided which corner of her room would be the ideal place to set up her super hero lair. Of course, Leah felt that her DC Super Hero Girls should be honorary members of her newly formed team (along with the purple caticorn, for reasons she didn’t want to share). I will happily…