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February Socks

This month’s mission has been to figure out how to make the Fish Lips Kiss Heel to fit well… and I’m happy to report: Mission accomplished! After several false starts and a couple ill-fitting pairs of socks, I think I’ve finally tweaked the pattern sufficiently to fit perfectly.

I really love the way that short row heels look (particularly when they don’t disrupt the patterning of the yarn) but it’s been tricky getting them to fit properly. My experiments paid off, though, as I eventually determined exactly what I needed to do in order to take the fit from okay to perfect. The pattern instructions suggest adding a few stitches across the heel to allow for some extra room, but that just created a weirdly loose-fitting heel. Instead, four rounds before beginning the heel, I worked the following gusset:

Round 1: k1, m1L, knit to 1 stitch before last instep st, m1R, k1, knit across heel stitches.

Round 2: knit around.

Round 3: repeat Round 1.

Round 4: knit around, working short row heel across heel stitches.

Then, once I finished the heel, I decreased the gusset stitches over three rounds. Success! I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how well these fit.

Pattern: Basic Socks (my own pattern) with Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist
Yarn: Copperberry on Crazyfoot from Mountain Colors Yarn
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* * *

Just to make sure that these weren’t a fluke, I knit two more pairs of socks for myself.

First up is a pair of Rivergrass socks in February’s HerStory skein from Knitted Wit — they’re beautifully spring-like and have me (possibly naively) hoping that the worst of winter is now behind us.

Pattern: Rivergrass Socks by Wendy D. Johnson
Yarn: Persistence on Sock from Knitted Wit
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* * *

Of course, the whole reason I was so desperate to make the short row heel work in the first place was that I wanted to knit striped socks that maintained their even striping throughout the foot and leg, so my third pair used January’s Yarn of the Month Club offering from The Cozy Knitter. Success! I feel like I’ve nailed it and I absolutely love these socks.

Pattern: Basic Socks (my own pattern) with Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist
Yarn: Love is in the Air on Bliss from The Cozy Knitter
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* * *

After knitting three pairs of socks in quick succession, I was about ready to tackle some other projects, but Leah asked if she could pick out yarn from which I would knit her a pair of socks. How could I say no?

Leah's Yarn

She narrowed it down to her favourite 17 skeins.

Okay, then.

After much deliberation, she finally settled on her most favourite skein and I started knitting.

Success! I managed to knit these socks in just four days (it helps that Leah’s feet are tiny) and they fit amazingly well. While she has generally not been a huge fan of knitted socks in the past, she’s decided that she definitely needs all 17 pairs. ASAP.

Pattern: Basic Socks (my own pattern) with Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist
Yarn: Channel Islands National Park on Sock from Knitted Wit
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It looks like I’ve got lots of sock knitting in my immediate future, but I might slow down a little so that I can finish some languishing projects (including my Advent 2020 knits). We’ll see how long I can hold Leah off…

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