Grotine Shawl

Grotine: Somewhere Between a Scarf and a Shawl

I’m a sucker for mindless knitting projects. Don’t get me wrong: I love patterns that are complex and use all of my brain cells, but right now I’m drawn towards things that I can knit while multitasking.

Enter Grotine, a one-skein shawl (well, really more like a scarf, I think) that makes the most of a single skein of variegated yarn. Linen stitch is one of my favourite stitch patterns, and the ever-increasing stitch count limits the possibility of unfortunate colour pooling.

Lorajean (of Knitted Wit) sent me a few skeins of Single Fingering earlier this month to turn into fabulous projects that would really highlight the yarn base (and the colourways that will be available this spring). I was immediately enamoured with the green and teal in Metallic Sweat Bee and since Grotine had been on my must-knit list for eons, I was keeping my fingers crossed that would be a match made in heaven.

After the first few pattern repeats were knit, it was clear that this was going to be gorgeous — and the meditative quality of the pattern had me finding myself vowing to knit “just one more row” and then knitting another three. Or eight.

Since the pattern is flexible with the yarn requirements, I used almost the entire skein and my Grotine is a bit larger than I’d expected: it’s nearly 80 inches long, making it perfect to wrap around my neck (more than once!) and still have ends long enough to tuck inside my coat.

And even better is that the bright green makes me feel hopeful that surely spring will soon be here!

Pattern: Grotine by Caroline Dick
Yarn: Metallic Sweat Bee on Single Fingering from Knitted Wit
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