Happy 15th Birthday to Adam

Happy 15th Birthday to Adam!

The good thing about the kids’ birthdays being so close together is that I can take a single trip down memory lane and feel old just once each year.

It’s hard to believe that I’m the parent of a fifteen-year-old. Really, how did that even happen? I look at him and all the vestiges of childhood are gone, a process slow enough that I didn’t notice it happening until I blinked and discovered the face looking back at me was that of a young man rather than a little boy.

But what a young man he is! I’m constantly impressed with his ability to know exactly what people need at a particular time (of course, whether he follows through on that knowledge depends on the day — hello, moody teenager!) and his sharp sense of humour regularly leaves me in stitches.

Today his plans involve hanging out with friends (outdoors!) and enjoying our family tradition of cake for dinner. Seems like a pretty good way to celebrate!

And since I love the little snippets of insight that tracking his favourites can provide, here are this year’s favourite things.

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Breakfast: Crêpes (filled with strawberries and coconut whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce)

Favourite Dinner: Ramen (pretty sure he’s trying to acclimate himself to what he’ll be eating as a broke university student in a few years)

Favourite Dessert: Sorbet

Favourite Movie: The Peanuts Movie

Favourite Book: The Gone series by Michael Grant

Favourite Thing to Do with Mum: Bake cinnamon buns and make snarky comments

Favourite Thing to Do with Dad: Watch movies

Favourite Thing to Do with Leah: Build with Lego

Favourite Place to Visit: Friends’ houses

Favourite Song: No current favourite

Future Plans: Learn to read people better (like Shawn Spencer on Psych) so I can more effectively build my business empire

Adam, I am so blessed to have the privilege of parenting you. Happy Birthday — now go and do great things!

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