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    Happy 15th Birthday to Adam!

    Happy 15th Birthday to Adam

    The good thing about the kids’ birthdays being so close together is that I can take a single trip down memory lane and feel old just once each year. It’s hard to believe that I’m the parent of a fifteen-year-old. Really, how did that even happen? I look at him and all the vestiges of childhood are gone, a process slow enough that I didn’t notice it happening until I blinked and discovered the face looking back at me was that of a young man rather than a little boy. But what a young man he is! I’m constantly impressed with his ability to know exactly what people need at a particular time (of course, whether he follows through on that knowledge depends on the day — hello, moody teenager!) and his sharp sense of humour regularly leaves me in stitches. Today his plans involve hanging out with friends (outdoors!)…