Adam Day 2018

Happy, Happy Adam Day!

It’s been 12 years since Todd and I walked out of the SWS offices in Seoul, tentatively holding Adam and wondering just what we had got ourselves into with this whole parenting gig. Somehow, no matter how many books and articles we’d read or adoptive parents we’d spoken with, nothing had prepared us for the monumental task facing us. To say we were overwhelmed is putting it mildly.

And if we were overwhelmed, I can’t even begin to imagine what those first days and weeks with us felt like for Adam: scary and unsettling, I’m sure. Six months passed before he and I clicked — it took until about his first birthday for us to settle into a secure, nobody’s-going-anywhere kind of relationship.

However, once we clicked, we really clicked. Everyone jokes that Adam and I are so much alike that it’s scary but it’s also completely amazing to parent a child who is so much like you that you know what he’s going to say before he opens his mouth.

Today we get to spend time reflecting on what an incredible blessing Adam is to our family — Adam Day is a day of mixed emotions so we take our lead from Adam on how he would like to mark the occasion (or skip it entirely). This year we’ve got sushi and cupcakes and boardgames and I’m grateful for the time we get to spend together and celebrate all that Adam means to each of us.

Is It Friday Yet?

Two days into the post-Christmas stretch of school and I’m ready for a vacation. Or at least a long weekend. Seriously, I’m not sure how I’m going to make it to Friday — coffee can only do so much.

Adam and Leah, on the other hand, are full of energy and enthusiasm and a strong desire to check off everything on their daily lists. In fact, at 9:30 last night, Adam asked if he could work ahead on math and Leah had already finished her math for both today and tomorrow before I’d even woken up this morning. Ah, to be young!

To be fair, Leah was focused on getting to her favourite part of the day and nothing was going to stand in the way of her spending some time in the kitchen this afternoon. Life Skills is one of my favourite things to do with Adam and Leah — but usually not with both of them at the same time because our kitchen apparently isn’t big enough for two aspiring chefs at once.

I’m pretty sure that at this point we’ve baked chocolate chip cookies at least eleventy billion times but it’s Leah’s absolute favourite thing to bake so we baked yet another batch today. Leah can do most of the work herself — she is confident reading the recipe and following the directions. And since I think being able to bake a decent chocolate chip cookie is indeed an important life skill, I’m happy to let Leah perfect it!

As for Adam, I’ve been feeling desperate to get him to spend a little less time on Minecraft and a little more time on something — anything, really — that doesn’t involve the computer. So I’ve added Non-Computer-Based Hobby to his list of things to work on during the week; he decided to pick up his abandoned knitting project and has committed to knitting five rows at a time.

I’ll take what I can get. Adam’s actually quite keen to finish this scarf and move on to another project but he’s also a perfectionist and can’t stand the thought that his tension isn’t yet even and he’s picked up an extra stitch somewhere along the way. Ideally, he would like to rip the whole thing and start over but I think there’s a huge lesson in continuing and seeing his progress as he improves over time. So he knits five rows at a time and I consider it progress that he doesn’t give up.

And that really is a life skill.