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    Grotine: Somewhere Between a Scarf and a Shawl

    Grotine Shawl

    I’m a sucker for mindless knitting projects. Don’t get me wrong: I love patterns that are complex and use all of my brain cells, but right now I’m drawn towards things that I can knit while multitasking. Enter Grotine, a one-skein shawl (well, really more like a scarf, I think) that makes the most of a single skein of variegated yarn. Linen stitch is one of my favourite stitch patterns, and the ever-increasing stitch count limits the possibility of unfortunate colour pooling. Lorajean (of Knitted Wit) sent me a few skeins of Single Fingering earlier this month to turn into fabulous projects that would really highlight the yarn base (and the colourways that will be available this spring). I was immediately enamoured with the green and teal in Metallic Sweat Bee and since Grotine had been on my must-knit list for eons, I was keeping my fingers crossed that would…