HerStory Sock Club: January

Well, that was fast — in just under a week, I have managed to knit an entire pair of socks.

This retina-searing-in-a-good-way colourway is everything you could want to help beat the winter blahs; it certainly lives up to its name of Radioactive Rainbow. Inspired by the work of Marie Curie, January’s HerStory Sock Club offering from Knitted Wit was just the thing to counter the overcast skies, rain, and snow.

Since I wasn’t sure how the different colours were going to play together when knit up, I opted for Shannon Squire‘s Otherwise Engaged socks pattern. Tried and true, this is one of my favourite patterns for multi-coloured yarn because it seems to break up some of the larger blocks of colour. In this case, the rainbows only pooled and spiralled once I started knitting the legs, which is fine with me!

I can’t say enough good things about Victory Sock, the yarn base for the HerStory Sock Club. It’s got great yardage and the yarn is smooth and tightly plied — even the socks I knit for Adam seem to last until he outgrows them (and that’s saying something). Already I’m looking forward to seeing the February colourway — only a few weeks till it’s revealed!

January Socks: Mingus

So far, this year’s plan for Operation Sock Drawer is 100% successful — it’s only January 24 and I’ve already got this month’s pair of socks knit.

Oh my goodness, I love everything about these socks. This was the perfect pair with which to kick off the year: I ended up with the perfect combination of yarn and pattern. I’ve knit several pairs of Mingus socks over the years but I think this might just be my favourite. It’s the first pair I’ve knit with Super Sock 4-Ply from Twisted Owl Fiber Studio in this amazing Pirate Ship colourway. Really, anything teal immediately earns super high marks from me, but the saturation of colour in this yarn makes it even more special.

The pattern is written cuff-down, but anyone who knows me knows that there was no way that was happening — I’m a toe-up-or-not-at-all kind of sock knitter. Thankfully, I don’t think the pattern suffers from being turned upside down.

I’m glad to have finished these so quickly because tomorrow I begin hosting the HerStory Sock Club Knitalong with Knitted Wit and I need to get my yarn wound and ready to cast on.

Yeah, in a highly caffeinated state of feeling like I could definitely take over the world given enough coffee, I decided that in addition to my personal sock-of-the-month club, I would also knit an additional 12 pairs of socks in colourways inspired by women whose contributions to STEM should be celebrated. How could I say no to such an amazing club? And really, when I have let the laws of time and space dictate what I can do? Perish the thought!