The Log Cabin Lap Blanket

Way back at the end of last summer, I managed to snag a set of National Park mini skeins from Knitted Wit (I fell in love with the whole palette of colours even though I have no real attachment to any of the Parks that served as inspiration for the yarn series) — then I was stuck trying to figure out how best to make use of 16 45-yard skeins.

Since I didn’t want to waste any of the yarn, I eventually figured out that my best plan would be to pair the minis with a solid, neutral colour and attempt some sort of knit-from-the-centre-till-all-the-yarn-runs-out kind of lap blanket. Armed with 16 tiny little yarn cakes and three full-sized skeins of Victory Fingering in Stellar, I had two false starts before I settled on a log cabin blanket. Third time’s the charm, I suppose!

In between Christmas knitting and a few other must-knit projects, I still managed to knit nearly two sections per week — and yesterday I finally bound off the border. Of course, there were still all the ends to weave in. I always say that I will do the responsible thing and weave in the ends as I go but that never happens — leaving me with a rather impressive pile of bits this morning.

This is definitely a lap-sized blanket, measuring just 30 x 38 inches. Endless amounts of garter stitch tend to eat up massive quantities of yarn but the finished blanket is super squishy and just the right size for chilly evenings. Or for Leah to use with her dolls, if she manages to get her way.

After knitting three blankets in the last five months, I’m ready to take a break from them for a bit. It’s back to shawls and socks and sweaters for me!