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    Peach Tree Shawl: Garter Stitch Stripes Forever

    Peach Tree Shawl

    There is something very calming about garter stitch — endless rows of knitting without needing to count stitches or constantly check my progress against a pattern is ideal when I’m trying to multitask (say, helping with Leah with math or listening to Adam read me paragraphs of his English essay). At some point, though, the knitting threatens to move from calming to monotonous, and at that time I’m grateful for the sections of two-row stripes, which break up the boring swaths of a single colour and force me to pay a little more attention. Peach Tree is a fantastic pattern for pairing two single skeins — the variegated Purple Finch colourway was a bit busy on its own but I love the way it’s muted somewhat by the very dark grey. While I’d had this pattern saved in my favourites for a while, I kept putting it off because I…