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    Puget Sound Shawl: A Study in Meditative Lace

    Puget Sound Shawl

    My love for relatively mindless projects knows no bounds these days, as evidenced by the number of simple shawls, hats, blankets, and socks currently in progress. (Also in evidence: my ability to focus on a single project is practically nil as I bounce from shawl to socks and back again.) Still working with Single Fingering from Knitted Wit, this time I opted to double up the yarn and knit this amazing shawl designed by Shannon Squire: Puget Sound. I’d checked out this pattern ages ago but didn’t give it much thought because I didn’t want to bother with weighing my yarn to determine when to start decreasing (which would form a symmetrical triangle shape). I did love the lace pattern, though, so I checked with Shannon about just continuing the increases to create an asymmetrical triangle — and she was super enthusiastic about my knitting plans. (So enthusiastic, in fact,…