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    Take Note: These Socks Are Super-Fun

    Take Note Socks

    It’s too hot to contemplate wearing hand-knit socks for any length of time these days, but it’s never too hot to knit them! For the third summer in a row, I’m participating in the Socks on Vacay sock-knitting frenzy, and while I’m knitting far fewer pairs than usual this year, I’m (mostly) okay with that. Let’s be real: my sock drawer is pretty full and I’m not bothering to knit for the kids and their ever-growing feet until the sock-wearing season is upon us. This latest pair is a new-to-me pattern from Shannon Squire: Take Note Socks. The pattern actually calls for DK-weight yarn, which is probably why I’ve never knit them, but I was able to easily modify the stitch pattern for sock-weight yarn. I love the zig-zag eyelet pattern that works its way across the socks, but while I was intrigued by the unique gusset construction, I couldn’t…