Take Note Socks

Take Note: These Socks Are Super-Fun

It’s too hot to contemplate wearing hand-knit socks for any length of time these days, but it’s never too hot to knit them!

For the third summer in a row, I’m participating in the Socks on Vacay sock-knitting frenzy, and while I’m knitting far fewer pairs than usual this year, I’m (mostly) okay with that. Let’s be real: my sock drawer is pretty full and I’m not bothering to knit for the kids and their ever-growing feet until the sock-wearing season is upon us.

This latest pair is a new-to-me pattern from Shannon Squire: Take Note Socks. The pattern actually calls for DK-weight yarn, which is probably why I’ve never knit them, but I was able to easily modify the stitch pattern for sock-weight yarn.

I love the zig-zag eyelet pattern that works its way across the socks, but while I was intrigued by the unique gusset construction, I couldn’t be bothered to incorporate it into what was supposed to be mindless knitting. So I employed my regular gusset/heel and I’m happy with them.

Since I was knitting on autopilot once I got to the heel flap, I neglected to notice that the pattern also calls for twisted ribbing to be worked up the back of the leg. Oops. Mine are plain and while they’re missing that something extra, they’re fine (I certainly wasn’t going to rip back the legs once I discovered my error).

As for the cuffs, I purposely ignored the garter option and used 1×1 ribbing to keep them stretchy and hugging my legs.

This colourway from Knitted Wit is called Naiad — it’s reminiscent of pink lemonade and everything summery, making these the perfect pair of August socks!

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Pattern: Take Note by Shannon Squire

Yarn: Naiad on Sock from Knitted Wit

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