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The-Best Laid Plans

Only four days into the new year, I’m already revising my Make Nine 2019 plans. Sigh.

Two mini skeins into my Harry Potter log cabin blanket, I realized it just wasn’t going to work as I had envisioned. The first couple skeins (based on the first book) are super saturated and knit up in stripes — paired with the Prussian Blue, it all started to look a little overwhelming. So I cruised Ravelry looking for another option that didn’t involve seaming together 63 individual squares. Eventually I landed on the Bits and Bobs blanket and I’ve swapped out the blue for undyed yarn to carry along through the entire project.


Seriously, I’m so much happier with this option. Rather than knitting the skeins from each book in order, I dumped them all on my living room floor and attempted to create a (somewhat) seamless fade. I started with Owl Post and I’m currently finishing up Witherwings, to be followed by Dobby’s Socks.

I figure I should be able to knit about two mini skeins each week, meaning I should finish this sometime in August. As I’d said before, it’s definitely a long-term project (and by not working on it exclusively, I significantly decrease its chances of boring me).

In other Make Nine news, my kit for the Welcome to Pumpkinville stitch-along arrived today so I’m set for the January 15th start date.

I’m looking forward to carving out some dedicated cross-stitching time (and maybe even finishing up a few of my in-progress-but-currently-set-aside projects) — I’d really like to get some of these pieces framed and displayed this year.

Of course, all of these plans seem completely reasonable while I’m still in vacation mode — the real test will be next week when we get back to our regular homeschool/piano/scouting/swimming/regular life schedule. There may be additional revisions to this year’s plan…


  • Marlene

    Cross stitch question for you…When you do larger projects do you frame the whole thing or use the smaller hoops and just keep moving them? I started with just a small hoop and now have moved to a large frame but think i’m going to go back to the small frame as its easier on my hands. Just wonder what others do.

    Second question is do you wash your projects (cross stitch) when they are finished? and if so did you wash your floss before using it? I never wash mine and have been stitching for many years but someone just recently was shocked that I didn’t do that and again i’m just curious what others do.

    • kimbelina

      I always use a smaller hoop — I find it’s easier to hold in my hand (though it can be helpful to have one of those grime guards on it so that the extra fabric stays rolled up and out of my way). It’s also easier to store like that. I do wash my projects once I’m done stitching but I have never been bothered to wash my floss before using. So far, I’ve never had been an issue with colours bleeding, but I’ve probably now jinxed myself!

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