The Designer Knows Best

When Wingspan fever hit last year, like so many other knitters, I jumped to order a skein of gradient yarn from The Blue Brick. Unfortunately, sometime between placing and receiving my order, my interest in the shawl itself waned (mostly because I wasn’t sure I’d actually wear it). No matter, though! I knew that this saturated colourway was destined for something amazing, and I tucked it aside until inspiration struck.

A little over a month ago, while I was looking for something else, I stumbled upon my skein and knew immediately that I wanted to knit something fairly mindless that would show off the gradual colour changes.

Enter Lintilla.

This was exactly the project I was looking for: mostly garter stitch with occasional short rows to create the ruffled edge. The pattern indicated that holding back 25% of the skein for the final edging was necessary, but I figured that seemed excessive and kept knitting until I had 21% left, still convinced that this was way too much yarn.

Keep in mind that I wanted to use every last bit of the skein to take advantage of the gradient. And, truly, the ball I had left looked huge and like way more yarn than I was going to use. In fact, I anticipated that I’d be left with a fair bit of waste once I bound off the final four stitches.

My friend Kira cautioned me that ruffles eat up a lot of yarn, but I was positive I’d eke out the edging with yarn to spare.

Go ahead. Laugh.

Running Out of Yarn

Yup. I ran out. That’s what I get for thinking I know better than the designer. Thankfully, I had run a lifeline through my stitches before I knit the final repeat, so I was able to easily rip back and rework the edging (which I finished with just a teeny-tiny ball remaining).

You know what else ruffles eat up a lot of? Time. Oh my goodness. This edging was super slow to knit (particularly when you end up doing it twice!). Leah calls them The Ruffles of Doom and I can’t say I disagree. However, they make for a gorgeous shawl that I can’t wait to wear this fall. And I’ve learned an important lesson about following the pattern as written (at least the first time).

* * *

Pattern: Lintilla by Martina Behm

Yarn: Muscovy on Killarney Sock from The Blue Brick

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