The First Hats of the Season

“Hey, guys! You know what would be super fun to do this afternoon since it feels like 37º with the humidity? Take photos of you in your new hats!”

Well, maybe not so much, but Adam and Leah were really good sports about it all — mostly because they were happy that I’m ahead of schedule on the annual winter woollies production. Leah even offered to wear a hoodie to keep with the cold weather theme and Adam quickly followed suit.

This year I put my foot down about knitting with black yarn (my eyes just can’t handle it), so Adam opted for the darkest grey possible: Carbon. Teenagers. I picked a pretty easy hat pattern for him (Occam’s Beanie) and it knit up super quickly. Next time, I’d probably shorten the ribbing section by an inch or so — but it fits well and Adam likes it so I count this project as a success.

Leah’s hat, on the other hand, took forever. I cast on for this Ribbed Watch Cap back in May and it’s been languishing in my purse ever since — I’d only pull it out when I had a few minutes waiting in line or riding in the car. Finally, this weekend I decided that I’d better focus my attention on it or it wasn’t going to be finished before the temperature starts to drop. (Given the current forecast, that clearly wasn’t an issue, but I’m glad it’s done!)

The yarn colourway is called Go Nuts for Donuts and it’s part of the Sassy Holidays collection from Knitted Wit — each month features a different holiday and Leah claimed this yarn for herself when it arrived. Now she wants us to make doughnuts to match her hat…

Now that the first couple pieces have been knit, I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll. I cast on for a cowl this morning, to be quickly followed by a few more hats and pairs of mittens before I move on to Christmas gifts. This really is the best time of the year!

Yarn and pattern details are in my Ravelry notes for Leah’s Ribbed Watch Cap and Adam’s Occam’s Beanie.

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