The Newsletter Shawl

I love a good shawl: the kind that is big and warm and serves as a bit of a cocoon against the elements. As it turns out, Leah also likes this exact type of shawl, so just about every single one I knit ends up being shared.

Oh, well. She’s a much cuter model, anyway.

The Newsletter Shawl is one of Shannon Squire‘s designs — its name comes from it being a free pattern for her newsletter subscribers — and it’s such a fun, easy pattern to knit. Pick two skeins of fingering weight yarn and GO!

I used two skeins of Victory Fingering from Knitted Wit: the variegated colourway is called Unicorn Night Mares and the teal is Buckle My Shoes (I like to think of teal as a neutral so it shows up a lot in my knitting projects).

This shawl is perfect for wrapping and wrapping and wrapping some more around you since it measures just over 90 inches long (it’s about 19″ deep at the centre point and tapers out to almost nothing at the ends). Just the thing for snowy days outside or for an extra layer of cozy comfort indoors.

Or, if you’re Leah, it is apparently also the exact right size for wrapping up baby dolls and stuffed animals so that they can’t escape, in case you were wondering.

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