Nine Pairs of Handknit Socks

The Summer of Socks

If ever there was a summer during which to knit all the socks, this has been it. I generally love the lazy days of summer for tackling lace shawls and more involved projects, but this year? Not so much.

Instead, I joined the #socksonvacay knitalong (or #socksonstaycay as it ended up being since I went absolutely nowhere) — which I love for its ridiculously loose guidelines. Seriously, the only rules are to knit socks using Shannon Squire‘s patterns and yarn from Knitted Wit between May 1 and the extended deadline of September 13. That’s the kind of knitalong that I can handle.

And so I knit! Thirteen pairs, in fact. (The photo at the top shows nine of the them — one pair was a birthday gift for a dear friend, two pairs are in the laundry, and one is MIA at the moment.)

This summer I mostly opted for patterns I’d knit before and could work on with a minimum of brain power: I ended up with six pairs of Sundae Socks, three pairs each of Stumptown and Otherwise Engaged, and a single pair of Take Note Socks (which took too much thinking to knit more than one pair!).

School starts tomorrow (at least for Leah) and I’m looking forward to autumn knitting: I want to finish the second sleeve on my Hazelwood cardigan and start a sweater for Leah. Plus I’ve got hats and mittens to knit before I start thinking about Christmas projects. But this summer, #socksonvacay was just what I needed.

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