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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Weeble Wobble Cowl

Despite a couple minor setbacks with this project, I’m still in the running to finish 5 Cowls in 50 Days. And now, fresh off the needles, is my latest addition to the collection: the Weeble Wobble Cowl. Somehow the goal of casting on 368 stitches and joining them in a circle without twisting managed toContinue Reading

Coffee: All or Nothing

In the wee hours of the morning on Friday, I succumbed to the worst stomach virus I’d experienced in at least 15 years. And yet, though my stomach was churning and I couldn’t even keep water down, I still really craved coffee. Like, Really, Really Craved Coffee. At first, I just wanted a cup toContinue Reading

Breakfast Cookies

When it comes to breakfast, on a Good Day I drink a smoothie around 10 a.m. On a Less Good Day I chug coffee all morning and then, sometime around 2 p.m., I start to feel kind of faint and drag myself to the kitchen to make myself something full of deliciousness. And carbs. MyContinue Reading

Kindergarten Prep

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, on Friday the vice principal from the elementary school called: she was inviting me to a meeting to discuss Leah’s kindergarten registration and potential supports to be put in place for her. I was somewhat anxious about the meeting, but yesterday morning — with Leah in tow — I sat down withContinue Reading

Happy Adam Day!

Can you believe that exactly six years ago, our first photo as a family of three was snapped? Here we are at SWS office in Seoul, receiving Adam from his foster mother, Mrs. Kwon. And now, six years later, it’s nearly impossible to get a photo of all of us together, but I did getContinue Reading