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Monthly Archives: April 2012

No, No, No

In the past couple weeks I feel like Leah has finally hit the Terrible Twos, albeit a year delayed. As her ability to communicate has improved (thank you, daycare!), so too has her insistence on doing everything herself, on her own schedule, in her own way. It seems that many previously-loved activities now require strong-armContinue Reading

Happy 17th Birthday, Elizabeth!

Some (very slightly belated) wishes for a happy birthday to our resident teenager, Elizabeth. We celebrated yesterday with a Family and Friends Dinner (menu selected by Elizabeth), followed by cheesecake topped with strawberry sauce. (I was seriously convinced my veganism was going to subconsciously ruin the cheesecake but apparently it was delicious.) Elizabeth also passedContinue Reading

Mail Day

Every so often I have an Awesome Mail Day — today was one of those days. Leah rode her trike down to the mailbox and carried my coveted package in her basket. When I saw the return address label, it was all I could do not to rip open the envelope right there on the sidewalk.Continue Reading

River Grass Socks

Hands down, my maternal grandmother is one of my absolute favourite people for whom to knit. Way back when, my Baba was the one with sufficient patience to teach five-year-old me the magic of turning yarn into something wearable. (To be fair, my first few attempts really weren’t wearable at all but practice makes perfect!)Continue Reading

Questions from Adam

With Adam around, I’m always on my toes. Do not be fooled by this innocent smile — an inquisitive mind lurks behind. In the past few days, I’ve been asked the following: Is there anything to learn in math after division? How old will I be when you die? How old will Leah be when IContinue Reading