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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sleeping Beauty

I’m terribly afraid that by actually writing this next sentence I will jinx everything but… I think that Todd and I might actually have our bed back to ourselves. Leah has slept in her own bed straight through till morning for the last five nights. Pinch me: I’m clearly dreaming. It’s not that I haven’tContinue Reading

Five Kilometres

Yesterday morning I ran five kilometres as part of the Win Marathon 5K. Well, not exactly: I ran about three-and-a-half or four kilometres and walked the rest. Either way, I completed the race and happily received my finisher’s medal. Several months ago, I had signed up to run this race with Shannon (my friend RochelleContinue Reading

Everglade Hat

Remember the gorgeous yarn I received as part of the {among friends} first club shipment? Well, my mother happened to spy the plum-coloured yarn a few weeks ago and promptly fell in love, declaring it Her Colour. So what’s a knitting daughter to do? Why, knit her a hat, of course! I opted for theContinue Reading

Happy Leah Day

Three years ago we were in Seoul, over the moon that we were about to become a Family of Four. Look how tiny Leah was! And oh-so-mischievous. Three years later, she’s still pretty tiny and she’s even more mischievous now. Someone asked me the other day if I felt like it had actually been threeContinue Reading

A Long Weekend

Hmmm… I really should consider not working weekends more often. It was fabulous to have an entire (long!) weekend to do little but hang around and play.* We went to two different playgrounds where Adam and Leah, climbed, slid and bounced. Strangely enough, the physical activity did little to tire them out. In fact, IContinue Reading