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Monthly Archives: July 2012


It’s official: Leah is no longer under the care of the Failure to Thrive Clinic at SickKids. There won’t be any more of these hospital bracelets in Leah’s immediate future. (At least not unless she breaks her leg and we end up at SickKids’ ER — but let’s not think about that.) Leah and I tookContinue Reading

And They’re Off!

After what feels like months of preparation, this morning Elizabeth and Adam are on their way to Camp Mini-Yo-We. (Adam is only going for a week but Elizabeth, as a leader-in-training, will be up at camp for four weeks.) Six months ago, camp for Adam wasn’t even on our radar, but once Elizabeth began buzzingContinue Reading

Hitchhiker Scarf

Well, look what I managed to finish: my Hitchhiker scarf! Oooh… I love it — it will be the perfect accessory for my charcoal grey winter coat. The scarf is knit with BFL from June’s {Among Friends} club shipment — the colourway is called Stakeout Food and it was dyed by Lorajean of Knitted Wit. Hitchhiker isContinue Reading

Friday Miscellany

Today is Todd’s <cough>thirty-fourth</cough> birthday. Happy Birthday to my awesome husband — since we started dating when he was 17 years old, we’ve now been together just about half of his life. (I’m sure he thinks it feels a lot longer, though. Hopefully in a good way.) We’re going out for dinner tonight to celebrate (I’mContinue Reading

Turning a Corner

When it comes to children, I feel like I’ve experienced extremes with very little middle ground. Todd and I used to joke that with Adam, we never really had a baby, what with him speaking clearly before his first birthday and sounding out words at 15 months old; he taught himself to count forwards andContinue Reading