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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Through the Lens Thursday: Schoolwork

After I brought Adam home from school this afternoon, I headed straight back for Meet-the-Teacher Hour, during which I got to chat with teachers and fellow parents — and then take snapshots of the kids’ schoolwork. Adam is apparently still in his Everything Must Somehow Relate to Star Wars phase. He also has incredibly neat printing. MostContinue Reading

Tuesday Tidbits: Teeth

As I’d not-so-secretly hoped, Adam’s other front tooth fell out on Sunday (with a little help from moi), just in time for School Photo Day. I was happy that Adam’s smile was now symmetrical; he was happy to get $2 — good times all around. And his smile is also cavity-free, as per this afternoon’s visit toContinue Reading

Mmm… Monday: Chocolate Chips

The easiest way to ensure that whatever I bake will be devoured before I get so much as a taste is to include chocolate chips. A smattering (or generous scoop) of mini chocolate chips is all it takes to turn baked goods from meh to delicious — at least as far as my family is concerned. First up: bananaContinue Reading

Finished Friday: Epipen Pouch

Until my sewing space in the basement is finished (at this rate I’ll be able to move in sometime next spring), sewing has been sporadic. It’s a huge pain to take over the dining room table with my sewing machine and serger, cutting board, rulers and boxes of fabric and notions — only to haveContinue Reading

Through the Lens Thursday: Leah’s Poses

Leah is all about striking random poses as we walk home from school each day, insistent that I capture each one to share with the world. “Mummy, take a picture of me.” “Mummy, no pass through.” “Mummy, you walk on the path. I walk on the grass. I no listen to you. I stand byContinue Reading