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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Speech Class: Round Two

Yesterday, after a blissful two-week break, Leah began her second round of speech classes at The Speech and Stuttering Institute. This time around, Leah will miss kindergarten twice a week from now through February — and while it’s unfortunate that she misses school, she definitely benefits from having intensive therapy when she’s at her best andContinue Reading

Adam the Animator-in-Training

From the moment Adam first held a crayon, he has absolutely loved to draw. Everything from portraits to comics to detailed (almost technical) drawings has graced our refrigerator and we go through pens, markers and paper like water. Lately though, Adam has decided that instead of just producing static images, he would rather create animations.Continue Reading

Pencil Cases for Project Zuvarabuda

You know the old adage Practice Makes Perfect? I am happy to report that it holds true, as after sewing 20 pencil cases this week I now consider myself something of an expert on the process. For the past several weeks, our church has been collecting school supplies for Project Zuvarabuda — pencils, erasers and the likeContinue Reading

Vicious Circles

The past several months have been challenging for a variety of reasons but it’s only been in the past week that I’ve realized the toll they’ve taken on me. I spent the summer thinking I was going to lose my mind trying to balance the demands of clients who need everything yesterday with the constant requestsContinue Reading

Through the Lens Thursday: School Photos

I love how school photos capture kids’ expressions in a way that I never can at home. So different! Here is the (symmetrical!) slightly nervous grin of Adam the second grader: And this is Leah’s junior kindergarten never-gonna-catch-her-smile pose:Continue Reading