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Monthly Archives: January 2013

No-Work Weekend Fallout

Guess what happens when you indulge in a No-Work Weekend? You spend the next eight-and-a-half days drowning in work, willing the clock to move more slowly because that will mean that there’s more time between you and your deadlines. Sigh. However, tomorrow I’m turning on my email’s away notice and taking a day to doContinue Reading

The First Ever No-Work-Weekend

With Adam and Todd off at Beaver Scouts Spy Camp, I declared this to be a No-Work Weekend so that I could focus on spending some quality time with Leah (I haven’t done this in as long as I can remember). Clearly, this was a great idea — I don’t think Leah and I have everContinue Reading

Knitter Logic FAIL

As you can see, I ran out of yarn before I ran out of stitches to bind off. Knitting faster didn’t work nearly as well as I’d hoped. Sigh. Short of ripping back and reworking the repeats, there’s not much I can do. I’m a little annoyed because, according to the ball band, I shouldContinue Reading

Outrunning the Yarn

Last week I was digging through my stash (which I’m hoping to organize at some point in the not-too-distant future) and stumbled upon a yummy skein of Bluefaced Leicester from one of my favourite (Canadian!) yarn dyers, Oceanwind Knits. On a whim, I cast on for a Summer Wind cowl and knit a bit wheneverContinue Reading

Life of a Freelancer: Feast or Famine

I think just about anybody who is self-employed understands the Feast or Famine approach to working. It seems that you are either completely overwhelmed with projects or staring intently at your phone just willing it to ring. Even after more than a dozen years, I still fight the (very strong) urge to take on every clientContinue Reading