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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

For nearly two months I’ve been spiralling downward in a rather spectacular fashion: it’s been a horrendous combination of too many projects (that I feel obligated to take on) and their unrealistic deadlines coupled with some major parenting challenges that have left me feeling really, really burnt out. When I’m not working I find myself slumped overContinue Reading

Happy Adam Day

Seven years ago life changed completely when Adam was placed in our arms… while I can’t speak for Todd, I walked out of the SWS offices feeling equal parts joy and apprehension. What exactly had I signed on for, having never before changed a diaper or prepared a bottle of formula? I’d been entrusted withContinue Reading

Hummus: Taste Testing

How do you know when your hummus is just about perfect? Leah insists on licking off every last bit from the spatula! “Mummy, this is like eating frosting off a cupcake!” Why, yes, Leah does have some rather strange tastes — but since hummus is definitely healthier than frosting, we’ll go with it.Continue Reading

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em

All last month I kept repeating the same sentence to myself: If I can just get through January I’ll be able to get some breathing room again. Well, that hasn’t exactly happened. If anything, I’m actually busier than I was a few weeks ago and between shifting deadlines and scope creep, I’m feeling fairly frazzled. AtContinue Reading