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Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Dress Fit for a Tea Party

Leah was invited to her very first tea party a few weeks ago — and she quickly followed “I’m so excited” with “Mummy, you’ll make me a new dress for the tea party.” Challenge accepted. As if I had much of a choice. Well-fitting dresses are few and far between at most children’s clothing stores. AndContinue Reading

My Vegan Bakery Date with Adam

Whenever Adam and I need a close-to-home outing, we head to Starbucks — nothing cheers up that kid like a Tall Vanilla Creme Soy Frappuccino with No Whipped Cream. On Thursday, however, we decided to venture a little further away and head down to Tori’s Bakeshop in the Beaches. Oh my goodness — why did we waitContinue Reading

Breaking for March

We’re half-way through March Break (it’s definitely not Spring Break here what with the snow and all today) and I’ve been enjoying the lack of schedule immensely. Of course, in order to make this happen I worked like crazy last week to have everything in order — but the insanity was definitely worth it. The anticipationContinue Reading

Sick Day

Adam came out of school yesterday complaining of a headache, and though I had hoped the fresh air on the walk home would help, he only seemed to get worse, eventually throwing up. Ugh. So much for our Saturday plans — we had planned to attend a Beaver Buggy rally in the morning followed by aContinue Reading