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Monthly Archives: April 2013


As part of our family’s plan to have the grown-ups spend more focused one-on-one time with each of the kids, Adam and I got tickets to see Stomp on Saturday. For Adam, even getting to take the Go Train was exciting, as evidenced by this gigantic grin! Unfortunately, the train was filled to capacity withContinue Reading

Happy 18th Birthday, Elizabeth!

As of today, the adults in our house now outnumber the children — oh, who am I kidding? Elizabeth isn’t going to let a little thing like turning 18 keep her from enjoying an extended childhood. Since Elizabeth seems to think that celebrating with her peers is more fun than hanging out with us (I don’tContinue Reading

Notes from Adam

Sometimes, just when I need it most, I find random Post-It Notes of Encouragement that Adam has written for me. These are often just the emotional pick-me-up that I need. This one I found stuck to my laptop this morning: I love that he has included Leah in his note (but only for comparative purposes).Continue Reading

Random Miscellany

There are so many little snippets of things going on right now, but none of them warrant an entire post, so today I have a hodgepodge of random miscellany to share. * * * Leah has become obsessed with nail polish: who wears it, who doesn’t, which colours are best, when we can buy more.Continue Reading

My Little Cookie Monster

All week long, Leah has been after me to bake cookies with her (even when she was too sick to do more than lie on the sofa and flip through an endless stream of picture books). Since she was feeling much better today, I agreed that it was the perfect time to bake a batchContinue Reading