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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Sneaky Leah

From the moment Todd and I first saw Leah’s referral photos, we knew she was mischievous. Truly, Todd took one look at this picture and could feel his hair turning grey. Even now, those pursed lips often let us know that Leah’s up to something. Of course, as Leah has grown, so too has herContinue Reading

The End of an Era

I knew this day was coming, but I really wasn’t prepared for it: Leah is no longer indulging in afternoon naps — which means our post-lunch schedule needs to be completely reworked. So far, this seems to involve more trips to the playground. Between Adam and Leah, I’ve had a couple hours of silence after lunchContinue Reading

Days Off

Before anyone gets too excited, I don’t actually have any days off. Rather, Adam had an appointment yesterday and a P.A. Day today so he’s enjoying an extra-long weekend which he is quite anxious to share with the world. How could I say no? My Two Days of Relaxing with Food Thursday began with meContinue Reading

Twenty-Eight Whole Days

The last few months have been incredibly busy (in some ways I feel like I’m always saying that, but the reality is that life continues to get busier despite my attempts to simplify things) — just as I was starting to feel that things were settling into a (somewhat) manageable groove, I committed to a lotContinue Reading