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Category Archives: Appointments

Speech Class: Round Two

Yesterday, after a blissful two-week break, Leah began her second round of speech classes at The Speech and Stuttering Institute. This time around, Leah will miss kindergarten twice a week from now through February — and while it’s unfortunate that she misses school, she definitely benefits from having intensive therapy when she’s at her best andContinue Reading

Tuesday Tidbits: Teeth

As I’d not-so-secretly hoped, Adam’s other front tooth fell out on Sunday (with a little help from moi), just in time for School Photo Day. I was happy that Adam’s smile was now symmetrical; he was happy to get $2 — good times all around. And his smile is also cavity-free, as per this afternoon’s visit toContinue Reading


It’s official: Leah is no longer under the care of the Failure to Thrive Clinic at SickKids. There won’t be any more of these hospital bracelets in Leah’s immediate future. (At least not unless she breaks her leg and we end up at SickKids’ ER — but let’s not think about that.) Leah and I tookContinue Reading

No, No, No

In the past couple weeks I feel like Leah has finally hit the Terrible Twos, albeit a year delayed. As her ability to communicate has improved (thank you, daycare!), so too has her insistence on doing everything herself, on her own schedule, in her own way. It seems that many previously-loved activities now require strong-armContinue Reading

Light at the End of the Tunnel

After two years of appointments, scans and tests, along with 143 Million Feeding Suggestions, Leah’s time as a SickKids patient may be drawing to a close. Today we were back at the Failure to Thrive Clinic, a poorly-named place with a wonderful paediatrician and support staff. Leah weighed in at 10.2 kg, finally crossing theContinue Reading