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Category Archives: Holiday

Camp Mini-Yo-We, Take Two

What a difference a year makes. Last summer, eager to follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps, Adam ventured off to Camp Mini-Yo-We for a week of sleep-away camp. Unfortunately, the whole being-away-from-home-while-doing-completely-foreign-activities-like-paddling-a-canoe experience was overwhelming and he became incredibly homesick, so much so that we received several phone calls from the camp director and Todd and IContinue Reading

Happy Eighth Birthday, Adam!

Happy Eighth Birthday to Adam! For the first time ever, Adam is not here for his special day — instead, he’s celebrating at Camp Mini-Yo-We, where I believe he gets to select a camp counsellor to jump in the lake. Good times. Given the choice of celebrating before or after his actual birthday, Adam optedContinue Reading

Happy Leah Day!

Four years ago my heart just about burst when Leah was placed in my arms for the very first time as my daughter. Today we celebrate Leah making us a Family of Four, evening out the genders in the house (at least for a couple years until the girls would take over). This seems toContinue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day

One of the best things about having school-aged children is that Mother’s Day is synonymous with kid-made art projects. This year Adam and Leah really outdid themselves — and clearly, they have awesome teachers who put a lot of effort into the planning and execution of some stellar gifts. Leah ran out of school wishing meContinue Reading

Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! I’m beginning to feel somewhat human again and have been thinking today about all the things I want to accomplish this year. In no particular order: Improve my Korean skills. I say this every year but when push comes to shove, this usually falls off my to-do list. I’ve got a membershipContinue Reading