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Category Archives: Out and About

The Playground

We’re just about halfway through our summer vacation, and while this probably isn’t exactly true, I feel like our days can best be summed up by the following graph. Outside of sleeping and eating, Adam and Leah are spending a lot of time sliding, swinging and climbing. And since we have three playgrounds within easyContinue Reading

Settling In

We’re just about through the first week of summer vacation and I’m already patting myself on the back for being much better organized than I was last summer. (Why, yes, I do know that I’ve now jinxed myself and the rest of the summer will be a mess.) In order to help with the transitionContinue Reading

Days Off

Before anyone gets too excited, I don’t actually have any days off. Rather, Adam had an appointment yesterday and a P.A. Day today so he’s enjoying an extra-long weekend which he is quite anxious to share with the world. How could I say no? My Two Days of Relaxing with Food Thursday began with meContinue Reading

Spring has Sprung!

Finally, after a seemingly endless string of grey days, the sun has come out and it’s warmed up considerably. Leah has taken every available opportunity to be outdoors, and I am reasonably confident that I’ve spent more time outside this past week than I did all last month. She’s also returned to insisting on aContinue Reading


As part of our family’s plan to have the grown-ups spend more focused one-on-one time with each of the kids, Adam and I got tickets to see Stomp on Saturday. For Adam, even getting to take the Go Train was exciting, as evidenced by this gigantic grin! Unfortunately, the train was filled to capacity withContinue Reading