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Category Archives: Parenting

Spring has Sprung!

Finally, after a seemingly endless string of grey days, the sun has come out and it’s warmed up considerably. Leah has taken every available opportunity to be outdoors, and I am reasonably confident that I’ve spent more time outside this past week than I did all last month. She’s also returned to insisting on aContinue Reading

The First Ever No-Work-Weekend

With Adam and Todd off at Beaver Scouts Spy Camp, I declared this to be a No-Work Weekend so that I could focus on spending some quality time with Leah (I haven’t done this in as long as I can remember). Clearly, this was a great idea — I don’t think Leah and I have everContinue Reading

Happy Elizabeth Day!

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I became a mum for the third time exactly one year ago today. How can that be? you might ask. Well, Elizabeth moved in with us last December — but at the time, she said she really just needed a room. And meals. The plan seemed simple enough andContinue Reading

Sext Up Kids

Has anyone seen the recent Doc Zone episode, Sext Up Kids? It aired on CBC a few weeks ago but I only just got around to watching it (if you have 45 minutes to spare, it really is worth seeing). Here’s the preview. (Sadly, I think that the entire episode is only available for viewingContinue Reading