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Category Archives: Sewing

My Hero

This evening Adam heads off to camp for what promises to be a fun-filled weekend of Beaver and Cub Scouts training to be superheroes. And what does every good superhero need? A good costume. Adam sketched out his costume ideas last week and tasked me with somehow bringing his plans to fruition. We had toContinue Reading

A Dress Fit for a Tea Party

Leah was invited to her very first tea party a few weeks ago — and she quickly followed “I’m so excited” with “Mummy, you’ll make me a new dress for the tea party.” Challenge accepted. As if I had much of a choice. Well-fitting dresses are few and far between at most children’s clothing stores. AndContinue Reading

Christmas Crafting: Knitting Project Bags

So, what does one make for some of her favourite knitting friends? Knitting project bags, of course! While I had been planning on sewing these for ages, it was only this past Saturday that I managed to take over the dining room table and set up shop for the day. These cube-shaped bags are perfectContinue Reading

Pencil Cases for Project Zuvarabuda

You know the old adage Practice Makes Perfect? I am happy to report that it holds true, as after sewing 20 pencil cases this week I now consider myself something of an expert on the process. For the past several weeks, our church has been collecting school supplies for Project Zuvarabuda — pencils, erasers and the likeContinue Reading

Happy Halloween!

So, my attempts at daily blogging for VeganMoFo are once again a bust — a combination of horrible headaches, unanticipated client projects and Halloween costume sewing completely derailed me. Oh well, there’s always next year! Instead, I’ll show you Adam and Leah all dressed up for Halloween today! Leah, thanks to the influence of her friendsContinue Reading