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Category Archives: VeganMoFo

Veggie Tempura

“Let’s go out for sushi!” is music to my kids’ ears. Unfortunately, all-you-can-eat sushi isn’t exactly an inexpensive dinner out — but thankfully Adam and Leah are equally thrilled to have Todd make maki rolls at home (and if they’re really lucky, they even get to help). And so, once a month or thereabouts, Todd takesContinue Reading

PB&J Minus the PB

As a kid, I remember taking peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch nearly every day. (I was a pretty easy-going kid when it came to lunches, as long as my sandwiches didn’t include meat — apparently I was vegan-like in food preferences long before I knew what the word meant!) During the summer, Adam perfectedContinue Reading

Kindergarten Exhaustion and Yummy Lunches

We’ve reached the end of the kids’ first week back to school, some of us a little more tired than others. (Full disclosure: Leah and I both dozed off this afternoon while we were reading together and I just happened to wake up first.) Full-day kindergarten has left Leah completely exhausted by the time sheContinue Reading

Broccoli Risotto

We’re only two days into the school year and I’m already getting my butt kicked — I was expecting that this would be a slow week work-wise, but apparently the day after Labour Day is when everybody starts their end-of-the-year projects and I’ve spent the better part of the last two days up to my eyeballsContinue Reading

Back to School

As of two weeks ago, I have been completely ready for Adam and Leah to head back to school and out of my hair. I love them dearly, but their laissez-faire attitude and our distinct lack of schedule over the summer drives me batty. And to be fair, I think they were ready for SeptemberContinue Reading