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Camp Mini-Yo-We, Take Two

What a difference a year makes. Last summer, eager to follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps, Adam ventured off to Camp Mini-Yo-We for a week of sleep-away camp. Unfortunately, the whole being-away-from-home-while-doing-completely-foreign-activities-like-paddling-a-canoe experience was overwhelming and he became incredibly homesick, so much so that we received several phone calls from the camp director and Todd and IContinue Reading

Friday Miscellany

Tomorrow we pick up Adam from Camp Mini-Yo-We — it’s been very strange not having him here at home. Rather quiet, actually. He’s had a bit of a rough week, suffering from an acute case of homesickness which resulted in a tear-filled phone call on Wednesday. Adam desperately wanted me to come and get him RightContinue Reading

And They’re Off!

After what feels like months of preparation, this morning Elizabeth and Adam are on their way to Camp Mini-Yo-We. (Adam is only going for a week but Elizabeth, as a leader-in-training, will be up at camp for four weeks.) Six months ago, camp for Adam wasn’t even on our radar, but once Elizabeth began buzzingContinue Reading