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Tag Archives: christmas

Requesting a Christmas Do-Over

Christmas 2012 can officially go on the record as the worst Christmas that I can remember. Seriously, I think I’m going to aim for a holiday do-over sometime early next year. It started on Christmas Eve, when Adam looked a bit lethargic and tucked himself into my bed during the day for a little nap.Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

The gifts are wrapped, house is clean(ish), stockings are stuffed, menu is set and… Adam started throwing up about half an hour ago. Sigh. Well, no Christmas is perfect. If Mary could survive giving birth in a barn, surely I can manage a little puke. * * * From our family to yours, I wishContinue Reading

The Secret of Snowflake County

The holiday season just wouldn’t be complete without our church’s annual Christmas play — and this year was no exception: last night we had the pleasure of seeing our kids perform in The Secret of Snowflake County. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home so all I have are iPhone pics. Sigh. No matter, though,Continue Reading

Christmas Crafting: Knitting Project Bags

So, what does one make for some of her favourite knitting friends? Knitting project bags, of course! While I had been planning on sewing these for ages, it was only this past Saturday that I managed to take over the dining room table and set up shop for the day. These cube-shaped bags are perfectContinue Reading