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Tag Archives: daycare

Friday Miscellany

Adam and I continue to enjoy our Friday afternoon coffee dates — this has quickly become one of my favourite events of the week (and not just because I get to drink coffee). Today we spent our time mapping out our summer vacation: Adam has serious plans, involving math, science, baking, knitting and sewing. He’s alreadyContinue Reading

Wednesday Miscellany

Leah’s done so well with her day a week at daycare that, after much discussion and money juggling, we’ve opted to send her three days each week. The hit to our bank account is well worth it — Leah comes home from daycare animated and full of chatter. According to Nora, our friend and Daycare ProviderContinue Reading

Kindergarten Prep

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, on Friday the vice principal from the elementary school called: she was inviting me to a meeting to discuss Leah’s kindergarten registration and potential supports to be put in place for her. I was somewhat anxious about the meeting, but yesterday morning — with Leah in tow — I sat down withContinue Reading