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Tag Archives: elizabeth

Bigger on the Inside

Over the past few months, I’ve cast on for a dozen projects and yet I’ve bound off hardly anything. Not a single one of my projects has managed to keep my attention for more than a few rows at a time — this has been incredibly frustrating for me because I knit to relax and it’sContinue Reading

Happy 18th Birthday, Elizabeth!

As of today, the adults in our house now outnumber the children — oh, who am I kidding? Elizabeth isn’t going to let a little thing like turning 18 keep her from enjoying an extended childhood. Since Elizabeth seems to think that celebrating with her peers is more fun than hanging out with us (I don’tContinue Reading

Random Miscellany

There are so many little snippets of things going on right now, but none of them warrant an entire post, so today I have a hodgepodge of random miscellany to share. * * * Leah has become obsessed with nail polish: who wears it, who doesn’t, which colours are best, when we can buy more.Continue Reading

The Secret of Snowflake County

The holiday season just wouldn’t be complete without our church’s annual Christmas play — and this year was no exception: last night we had the pleasure of seeing our kids perform in The Secret of Snowflake County. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home so all I have are iPhone pics. Sigh. No matter, though,Continue Reading

Happy Elizabeth Day!

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I became a mum for the third time exactly one year ago today. How can that be? you might ask. Well, Elizabeth moved in with us last December — but at the time, she said she really just needed a room. And meals. The plan seemed simple enough andContinue Reading