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Tag Archives: happy herbivore

Twenty-Eight Whole Days

The last few months have been incredibly busy (in some ways I feel like I’m always saying that, but the reality is that life continues to get busier despite my attempts to simplify things) — just as I was starting to feel that things were settling into a (somewhat) manageable groove, I committed to a lotContinue Reading

Let the Testing Begin

On Monday I received a much-anticipated email announcing that recipe testing for Lindsay’s fourth Happy Herbivore cookbook was about to begin. Woo hoo! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since testing for her third book ended. Today I made granola, Happy Herbivore-style. It’s lower in fat than traditional granola but it’s certainly not lackingContinue Reading

Lunch with the Happy Herbivore (and Husband)

When I got an email from Lindsay Nixon earlier this week wondering if I wanted to get together while she was in town, I dropped everything to make it happen. Who is Lindsay Nixon? Only a vegan cookbook author extraordinaire and healthy-eating advocate whom I’ve been wanting to meet for ages. Even better was that AdamContinue Reading