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Kindergarten Exhaustion and Yummy Lunches

We’ve reached the end of the kids’ first week back to school, some of us a little more tired than others. (Full disclosure: Leah and I both dozed off this afternoon while we were reading together and I just happened to wake up first.) Full-day kindergarten has left Leah completely exhausted by the time sheContinue Reading

Back to School

As of two weeks ago, I have been completely ready for Adam and Leah to head back to school and out of my hair. I love them dearly, but their laissez-faire attitude and our distinct lack of schedule over the summer drives me batty. And to be fair, I think they were ready for SeptemberContinue Reading

Happy Fifth Birthday, Leah!

After counting down the number of sleeps left until her birthday for the past week-and-a-half, the big day is finally here: Leah is five years old! Due to the craziness of Speech Camp and Soccer Practice, Leah’s birthday dinner and beloved cupcakes will have to wait till tomorrow — thankfully Leah is excited about extendingContinue Reading

The Playground

We’re just about halfway through our summer vacation, and while this probably isn’t exactly true, I feel like our days can best be summed up by the following graph. Outside of sleeping and eating, Adam and Leah are spending a lot of time sliding, swinging and climbing. And since we have three playgrounds within easyContinue Reading

Summer School

As a kid, I remember summers being filled with craft projects, near-daily trips to the library and occasionally being forced outside to play by my well-meaning mother. The best part of summer was that there was no schedule (outside of getting my chores done before I could do anything fun). With Adam and Leah, however,Continue Reading